3 reasons your company needs career transition outsourcing services


The impact of technology and globalization has created an environment of change with companies in a state of flux, underscoring their need to ease personnel in and out of their organizations in a caring, empathetic way.

Here are three reasons you should minimize your expenses and expedite your transitioning processes by partnering with a Career Transition Outsourcing Service.


Cost of Unemployment Benefits

The longer a terminated employee remains jobless, the longer they receive unemployment benefits and the more that upcoming unemployment expenses will cost the organization.

When you hire an Outsourcing Service, your transitioning employees will be matched with a Certified Professional Resume Writer and Career Transition Coach. They will receive personal marketing documents, interview coaching, and career strategies to engage in a successful job search and land a new position faster, getting you off the hook for unemployment costs quicker.


Strengthen & Protect Your Reputation

Brand image can pivot overnight with a negative post gone viral. People are especially tempted during significant company changes or layoffs to share their frustrations on Glassdoor, Yelp or other social media sites.

Create a positive experience for everyone who encounters your brand by hiring a professional Outsourcing Service to help your transitioning people find a new work home.  Your potential, current, and departing personnel will see you as an empathetic and future-forward organization that treats people fairly and recognizes their dedicated service by providing smart, custom career assistance.


Prevent Potential Litigation & Lawsuits

Legal expenses are costly, not to mention the significant time and productivity lost to leadership and human resources when dealing with these sensitive, high-priority issues.

Prevent a wrongful termination lawsuit and show that you care by providing a caring, professional Outsourcing Service for your terminated staff.


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