Six Reasons Your LinkedIn Profile Matters to your Career Development


LI bigYour LinkedIn profile, managed or unmanaged, tells colleagues, recruiters, and companies much about you.


If you are one of the countless individuals who have an out-of-date, undeveloped or unattended LinkedIn profile, be aware, it could be affecting your career.


Use your LinkedIn profile …


1)    As you’re personally branded resume.  The proper management of the profile shows your attention towards your career development. Whether you are actively or passively looking for employment your LinkedIn profile is your professional brand.


2)    To find a job.  The real power of LinkedIn is in your ability to easily contact and leverage your network.  It provides you access to introductions to thousands of 2nd and 3rd level contacts companies, jobs and opportunities.  For a simple breakdown watch this 3 minute “How to Find a Job Using LinkedIn”:


3)    To apply for jobs.  Apply for jobs through LinkedIn using a one-button submit or by customizing and uploading your cover letter, resume and portfolio.  Also, when applying for employment a candidate can use data in their LinkedIn profile to complete numerous application fields thus streamlining their applicant process and ensuring work history consistency.


4)    To attract recruiters and hiring managers.  Draw traffic by populating your profile with relevant keywords and showcase special skills, certifications and licenses. Receive business opportunities, interview invitations and pre-market job prospects through a well-developed LinkedIn profile.


5)     To project your subject matter expertise.  Post interesting, relevant content to your network on your areas of expertise.  If you are looking to advance, build a book-of-business or grow a SMB LinkedIn can be an effective and cost-efficient advertising and marketing channel. Promote your products, services or core competencies by showcasing your company website or posting a blog.  Announce upcoming events, speaking engagements, publications and/or accomplishments.


6)     To build meaningful connections.  Commit to participating regularly with a group and contributing comments.  Use the LinkedIn group feature to engaging in conversations with your target industry or client-base.  This can be an especially powerful tool to connect with the global community. Join up to 50 groups but for best results focus on a few groups with at least 200+ members.  Meet and build-out your network.  Develop credibility within your industry and subject area.