Customer Success Story: “Resume Footprint is a much-needed service for the busy executive”


Lisa Whitehouse knows technology. A senior leader with big-brand experience, her career has been a progressive climb toward prominence. So much so that she has had little time to focus on defining and enhancing her personal brand.

Enter Resume Footprint.

“I would call myself an executive in transition,” Lisa said. “I’ve been on the corporate machine for 25 years and it’s time for a change.”

Lisa worked one-on-one with her Resume Footprint branding expert to re-position herself for the next step in her career.

“Working with Resume Footprint was a great experience,” Lisa said. “They built my brand statement from the ground-up. Now my marketing materials show the job market where I want to go, not where I’ve been.”

During her recent focus on rebranding her professional persona, Lisa realized something. It’s been a long time since she actively hit the job market.

“I haven’t looked for a job since I was 28 years old,” she said. “Things have changed so much and it’s intimidating to put yourself back out there without knowing current trends. My day job is 24/7 so there is hardly time to carve out for personal branding.

“Resume Footprint is a much-needed service for the busy executive.”


The Footprint Process

“Resume Footprint doesn’t just mark up your resume and make some edits,” Lisa said. “There is a strategic process that any executive can benefit from. (Chief Talent Officer) Marilyn Maslin actually made me change my thinking about how I was representing myself to potential employers and recruiters.”

And when Lisa worked through the process of forecasting her next career moves, she began to see a once fuzzy picture come into focus. “Marilyn’s team really understood what I wanted to capture in terms of my personal brand,” Lisa said. “She worked hand-in-hand with me to make sure the right story was being told.”


Need An Executive Branding Overhaul?

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