Protect Your Brand and Equip Workers for Future Success with Outskilling


Outskilling is an emerging trend which describes a company-sponsored training program that helps employees find another job or even an alternative career with a new employer.

Expected to catch fire as companies work to counterbalance the negative impact of layoffs due the coronavirus outbreak and the subsequent recession, outskilling programs demonstrate a company’s social commitment to its employees and the local community.

Amazon and McDonalds are leading the way to outskilling innovation, although other well know brands are actively considering this new approach to help displaced workers get a fresh start.

Outskilling could help laid off workers acquired the skills need to find new work:

According to SHRM research: 57% of U.S. Workers are worried they will lose their jobs, 46% of workers  have lost their work, wages, and income because of the coronavirus and 33% believe that if they lose their job that they will need additional education or a new skill to find a comparable one.

If investing in retraining your workers for new occupations at a new employer sounds too far, consider that layoffs are distressing for both workers and corporations, causing reputation harm, damaging morale, and impacting financial security.

Protect your corporate brand by investing in outskilling and win the long-term loyalty of talent and consumers. 

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