Proven keywords for an executive job search


I am regularly contacted by credentialed professionals who have tried to level up to an executive role, but for some reason their resumes and LinkedIn profiles are falling short – can keywords be the issue?

These professionals have paid their dues and are qualified to secure a C-suite position, but their personal marketing documents are not supporting their goal. Upon review, I find their documents lack the proper executive keywords to position and align them with executive opportunities.

A little background about keywords! A keyword is a digital marketing term used to find and tag information. Recruiters and HR professionals will use keywords (specific to the target industry and position) to source and hunt for qualified candidates. Applicants who have the proper keywords in their resumes, cover letters and LinkedIn profiles will greatly improve their odds of being contacted by hiring authorities.

Just as each industry and position has different keywords or terms, so does each organizational level. To be considered for an executive position (CEO, COO, CFO, CMO, CIO, CHRO, General Counsel, Partner, VP, Director, Business Owner, etc.) use the following keywords; for best results include specific examples and achievements:

Executive Keywords
Strategic Leadership
Mission Driven
Strategic Thinking
P&L Management
Budget Management
Risk Management
Strategic Planning & Execution
Relationship Management
Business Development
Board Governance
Partner Relations
Operational Leadership
Finance Management
Revenue Growth
Data Performance
Program Development
Team Leadership
Sales Planning
Marketing Strategy
Public Speaking
Contract Negotiations
Process Improvement