Resume Footprint mentioned in The Wall Street Journal!


Resume Footprint would like to extend a BIG THANK YOU to writer Barbara Haislip and The Wall Street Journal for featuring our Chief Talent Officer, Marilyn Maslin, in their recent piece on remote worker collaboration.

Here is a snippet from the article:

What’s more, remote workers tend to be proactive and independent, and build camaraderie through freedom and trust, says Marilyn Maslin, chief talent officer and managing partner of recruiting firm Maslin Group and Resume Footprint, a personal branding firm for executive professionals.


“The minute you start to impede on their workspace by forcing mandatory meetings or requiring frequent travel, they may start to feel threatened or suffocated,” she says.


We hope the tips help any leaders looking for ways to better engage their remote workers. Please check our blog often for all things career trends and best practices. Reach out here to learn more about our personal branding packages!