Spotlighting some of our most amazing healthcare clients


Throughout my career, I have had the privilege of creating personal marketing documents for hundreds of healthcare workers and first responders. Although each one is unique in their background and skillset, I have discovered that they share a common bond. Nurses, doctors, EMTs, firefighters, and police officers often feel “called” to serve.

Here are a few stories that I’d like to share.

Mark was a New York construction worker whose world changed on 9/11 when he rushed to ground-zero. Serving as a first responder at what has been called the “Pile,” he provided lifesaving first aid to a multitude of individuals. This experience triggered an immediate career change for him. He enrolled in nursing school, attained his BSN (Bachelor of Science in Nursing), and today serves as an ER Nurse in what could be considered the highest COVID-19 spot on earth.

Unlike Mark, Lisa knew from a very early age that she was here to help. Full of faith, she has that element that all first responders possess, the ability to run towards the accident, not away. She serves as an EMT in the Denver Metro Area, where she is regularly exposed to patients testing positive for COVID-19.

Lately, her days are consumed by a surge in alarming, cardiac arrest calls. Amid this outbreak of calls flooding in, she keeps calm and levelheaded and assists those in most need.

Audrey grew up in Somaliland, where she saw an immense need for medical care for women and children. Passionate about helping underserved people and communities, she worked her way through medical school as an interpreter and zookeeper. She works as a Physician in New York and regularly goes back to Africa to perform essential surgical interventions. Today you can find her in the trenches working side by side with nurses and other medical professionals helping coronavirus patients. 

When Dave was a boy, he loved to dress up like rescue heroes. Every day he would embrace the world as a firefighter, police officer, or Buzz Lightyear. It was no surprise to his parents when he said, I’ve decided to become a Police Officer. He now works for a community law enforcement agency in Northern Colorado.

As 911 calls are hitting all-time highs, he and other Police Officers are scrambling to balance public safety and protecting themselves and their families.

Patricia knew that she was an emergency services professional when she started her career working in a dual role as a Firefighter and EMT. She worked in the trenches responding to alarms and serving as the primary care provider on the scene. While working in collaboration with hospital personnel, she was inspired to become a Nurse. Today she works as an LPN (Licensed Practical Nurse) in Virginia, where she brings her immense skillset to fighting COVID-19.

Lastly, Emmy was on her way home from a desk job when she had a devastating auto accident. Months of hospitalization and rehabilitation changed her course forever.

She decided to join the nursing ranks. In her words, “I never would have made it without the compassionate and dedicate care of my nurses.”

On behalf of Resume Footprint, thank you to all of our first responder heroes for stepping up and answering the world’s call to service.