Top LinkedIn strategies that will help you hit your 2020 goals


Your online presence is your first impression. This virtual handshake can make-or-break a business deal, secure investment, or position your organization for acquisition.

The tip of the spear for relationship engagement and brand building is your executive team and sales force. Take this opportunity to review and improve your company and talent profiles. Here are three things to consider.


Corporate – LinkedIn Profile

According to insights provided by LinkedIn, companies with complete profiles receive up to 2X more visitors than those with incomplete profile pages.

New and existing customers/clients, talent, and partners are making decisions on their allegiance to your company based on your company’s LinkedIn profile.

Establish your brand image and legitimacy by creating or completing your company LinkedIn profile today.

Executive Team – LinkedIn Alignment

If your executive team is beginning their startup journey, looking for funding, wanting to get acquired, or positioning to IPO, create unified executive profiles to build your brand and communicate your story.

Position yourself in front of potential customers, partners or investors by building each team member’s profile while honoring their unique experience, credentials, and skills.

Avoid looking disjointed. Make sure your executive team CEO, COO, CFO, and others co-brand with your corporate mission, vision, and brand.


Sales Team – LinkedIn Makeover

All too often sales professionals re-purpose resume content onto their LinkedIn profiles. This aggressive job search content often covers prospecting, negotiating and closing large deals and can reveal the names of the high-value clientele.

Sales professionals’ profiles are often visited by potential and existing customers/clients. These individuals can be put off by being ‘prospected or closed.’ Make sure your sales team’s LinkedIn profiles convey your commitment to listening, partnership, expertise, product knowledge, solution selling, excellent customer care, and follow-up.

Moreover, many companies wonder how long-time clients are being plucked out from under them, only later to find that competitors trolled the LinkedIn pages of Sales Reps to find the names and target key accounts with lower prices or improved features.


Protect your brand, retain your key accounts, and combat the competition with aligned sales team LinkedIn profiles.  Each profile should respect each sales rep’s different background, education, and skills while successfully co-branding them with the company.

In closing, when aligning team profiles start with the end in mind. Pay attention to the details and make sure to respect the diversity of your team while telling your company story in each member’s profile.

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