Why Choose a Resume Writing Service


Alison Doyle, a job search and employment expert, simply stated, “A resume writing service can help you create a professional resume that reflects your skills and qualifications.”

When writing your own resume it is hard to find the line between coming across as arrogant and not giving yourself enough credit. That is why more and more people are choosing to go with a professional resume writing service that personally hand-crafts a unique and (one of a kind) personally-branded resume. People are deciding to do this for two reasons—it gets results and it has a great return on investment.

As hard as it is to believe, a lot of people miss out on job opportunities because their resumes do not convey their skills, abilities and accomplishments in a meaningful way. Worse yet, many self-written resumes contain grammar and spelling errors and/or use an outdated, confusing or distracting format.

Imagine, you go to a professional resume writing service who in turn provides you with a hand-polished, ready-to-go resume. You apply for a job and get it! On the other hand, you forgo spending the money to get a professionally written resume and end up settling for a lower paying job 6 months later. Think about the amount of income you missed out on! By investing in a professional resume you end up making more money and get the job half a year sooner.

Still not convinced? That’s okay, because here a few other reasons why hiring a professional writing service is the best choice for you!


David Carter, published author and former resume writer tells us, “50 to 1,000. That’s the number of resumes that flood into a single job opening. Of those, 5 or so will generate an interview.” Professional resume writing services employ professional writers who know what employers are looking for and understand how to create compelling copy. These trained writers produce material that will make you shine on paper and fill your resume with key-word rich content that will make you look qualified and stand-out in the stack.


When you go to a professional resume writing service you know that you are going to be exposed to a professional resume writer who knows how the current job market is operating and what careers and industries are flourishing.

Professional resume writers produce personal-marketing content for a plethora of different business professionals who have different backgrounds and career goals which forces them to research and learn about many industries and how jobs are doing in those specific sectors. Professional resume writers will give you helpful tips on where to look for jobs within your given industry and help you find careers that are innovative and upcoming.

One of the benefits of this is that it opens people up to opportunities that they either weren’t sure about or didn’t even know existed.


One other advantage of using a professional resume writing service is that they can offer you additional services that will differentiate and give you an advantage against your competition.

These services can include personalized cover letters and thank you letters, Job / Interview coaching, and some are even willing to create / update your LinkedIn Profile. Having these tools at your disposal can help you get more job interviews and even be the deciding factor between whether or not you get the job.

As people get busier and the importance of having a strong, updated resume becomes even more crucial in today’s job market, more and more professionals are turning to professional resume writing services to produce a ­­­­robust, personally-branded resume that will help them get the job or promotion that they desire.