Why You Need A Killer Elevator Pitch


For every job searcher there are a few moments where you either crush it or crash. Amazingly one-well written Elevator Pitch artfully prepares you to succeed in each of these scenarios.

What exactly is an Elevator Pitch? It’s a brief passion-piece that explains what you do in a clear, concise and compelling story

Here’s why you need one!

Networking and Impromptu Conversations

If you have ever met a person who asked, “What do you do for a living?” and came up lacking in your reply, it is time to rethink your Elevator Pitch.

Because there is a huge difference between a New York elevator and an Omaha elevator, the length should be no longer than 150-250 words and you should feel comfortable presenting in one to two minutes.

You can leverage this content to nail conversations at networking events, BBQs, and cocktail parties.

Tell Me About Yourself

One of the most challenging questions for job searchers to answer is, “Tell me about yourself.” It can make articulate candidates tongue-tied, yet it is one of the most commonly asked questions.

Use your Elevator Pitch to differentiate your background, brand and value. You can modify or add data including relevant experience and skills to align you to the position and company. This multi-use personal marketing document, when memorized, can serve as a persuasive introduction to the employer.

Practice your new pitch on your friends and family members before taking it to your professional interactions.

Cold or Warm Networking Emails

If you are job hunting or building your network for future opportunities, sending a warm or cold introduction is smart, but many active and passive job searchers avoid this step because of writer’s block. A well-written Elevator Pitch can be cut/paste into an email and sent.

But most often, people will use the Pitch as a starting point and customize the text looking to connect with the recipient and find common ground.

It is not often that we can solve three challenges with one solution. Take the time to craft a multi-use Elevator Pitch. It will pay off.

Need help with an Elevator Pitch? Let us help tell your story with a fully customized personal value statement.